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IECIE - Shenzhen eCig Expo

From April 24, 2020 09:30 until April 26, 2020 17:30
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About IECIE Shenzhen Stop 2020

Starting from 2015, IECIE-Shenzhen stop has become the most influential e-cig expo in the world covering upstream (accessory supply chain) and downstream (end products and e-commerce solutions) of the industry, which is estimated to attract 50 000+ professional visitors form 45 countries and be the best platform for global e-cig technologies and brands to promote and showcase become the world's electronic cigarette product technology and brand one of the best display and promotion platform.

Upstream supplier:

Chips and Solutions

Batteries and Power Management

  • Heating System and Temperature: Ceramic/Metal Heating Device
  • Chips and Solutions
  • Battery and Power Management
  • Heating System and Temperature Tolerance Configuration: Ceramic/Metal Heating Device
  • E-juice Flavors and Related Products: PG/VG, Bottles, Labels and Printing, Anti-counterfeiting Technology.
  • Packaging and Related Equipment: such as Plastic Structure, Laser Printing, Automation Equipment, Filling Machine, etc.
  • New Materials and Technologies: Ceramic Materials, Waterproof Materials, Nanomaterials, etc.


Industrial Design

Supply Chain Services and Others


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