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Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo

From September 15, 2020 until September 19, 2020

Covering the whole industrial chain of the industrial ceramics industry, dedicated to quality publicity platform

"Shanghai international industrial ceramics exhibition" is the one by the Shanghai exhibition co., LTD was founded in 2009, every year, held in Shanghai, has successfully held the tenth, for the Chinese and foreign industrial ceramic enterprises to promote technical exchanges to create a new opportunities, grasp the market effective platform, vigorously promote the development of China's industrial ceramics industry.SIC China has become one of the most important events in the global industrial ceramics industry.
"SIC China industrial ceramics exhibition" will be held in the national exhibition center (Shanghai), and will focus on displaying new products and technologies in the industrial ceramics industry. We have a deep insight into the new trend of the future development of domestic industrial ceramics market, view the new demands of the future industrial ceramics market from the perspective of development, innovate the exhibition connotation, and provide the best platform for the exhibitors and merchants to exchange technology, product display, and trade negotiation.

Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo

The Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo will be creating a practical platform for promoting industrial communication and grasping market opportunities for the Chinese and foreign industrial ceramics industry. It is important to invite users and industry professionals to conduct on-site exchanges with exhibitors.


Product Category:

1. Advanced industrial ceramics: ceramic, metal, ceramics, alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, functional ceramics, structural ceramics, wear-resisting ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, pottery, high-tech ceramic filter, ceramic fiber, ceramic packing, nano-ceramic, honeycomb ceramics, porous ceramics and ceramic separation membrane, artificial crystal, refractory materials, biological and biochemical ceramics, pottery, oxide ceramics, energy use non oxide ceramics, carbide, nitride, boride, silicides, etc.)

2. Electronic ceramics: various functional sensor ceramics, power ceramics, electrical ceramics, various ceramics, insulating ceramics, capacitor ceramics, ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics and ionic ceramics, insulating ceramics

3. Various grinding balls: porcelain ball, ceramic lining brick, lining plate, various tower fillers

4. Raw materials and auxiliary materials: oxide ceramic powder, non-oxide ceramic powder, various ceramic additives, kiln, and other raw materials

5. Production equipment: powder preparation equipment, ceramic alloy production equipment, product forming equipment (dry and semi-dry pressing, isostatic pressing, hot pressing), reaction sintering, microwave sintering, etc

6. Furnace and instrument control equipment: industrial furnace and instrument control equipment (tunnel furnace, electric furnace, atmosphere sintering furnace, microwave sintering furnace, small laboratory electric furnace, new heating element, etc.), testing equipment and other supporting equipment

7. High-tech fruit zone: various new technology, new technology, new materials, new products and scientific research achievements of industrial ceramics

8. Industrial park exhibition area: domestic and foreign industrial ceramics industrial park

9. Related institutions: testing and certification, business incubation, intellectual property, scientific and technological consulting, financing services and other institutions

10. Other exhibition areas: nanomaterials, powder technology, coating, and other new materials

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