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Trade Show Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show

From August 26, 2020 09:00 until August 28, 2020 18:00
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Trade Show Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show

Shenzhen, as China's electronic information manufacturing base, is also the distribution center of various electronic components, has become the electronic manufacturing market procurement center. In order to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, we will make every effort to promote "circuit board procurement" to Shenzhen. SPCA, TPCA, CCPIT and Alishan expo group will focus on providing one-stop PCB/FPC procurement services for electronic manufacturers. Promote overseas buyers face-to-face communication with the PCB manufacturer from the factory to push China PCB industry market transition, from manufacturing to create breakthrough, to show the terminal electronic customer PCB enterprise strong processing power, quick response speed, high quality technical service, and circuit board production, the wisdom green energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and other aspects of the breakthroughs and development direction.

Product Categories
  • Circuit board manufacturing: hardboard, soft board, hardboard, IC board, aluminum substrate, a metal substrate, etc
  • Circuit board production equipment and materials: innovative, intelligent, energy-saving production equipment and testing equipment, new circuit board raw materials, chemicals
  • Environmental protection equipment and materials: environmental protection processing equipment and materials, renewable resources products, environmental protection technology services
  • Intelligent terminal manufacturers, software service providers
  • Intelligent automatic circuit board production equipment
  • New circuit board material

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