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Interntional Environmental Protection Industry Expo 2021

From May 25, 2021 until May 27, 2021
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International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

The China foreign trade center is a public institution directly under the ministry of commerce. During the period of Canton fair in Africa, it hosted and undertook various exhibitions, expositions, and fairs, such as China (Guangzhou) international furniture fair, China (Guangzhou) international automobile exhibition, Malaysia China import and export commodities exhibition and investment fair, etc. China foreign trade center also owns and operates the largest modern exhibition hall in Asia and one of the most advanced in the world -- the Canton fair exhibition hall located in Pazhou Island, Haizhu district, Guangzhou city. With more than 50 years of professional experience, outstanding achievements and professional services, China foreign trade center occupy a pivotal position in China's exhibition industry.    

China foreign trade center (CFTC) is a subsidiary of China foreign trade center (CFTC), which mainly engages in various forms of exhibitions (including exhibitions in China, overseas/overseas exhibitions and domestic exhibitions), advertising, import and export trade, tourism, hotels, catering, property management and other businesses, providing all-around services for our customers.

Product Categories
  • 1. Water environment exhibition area: water extraction, sewage/wastewater treatment, water source pollution treatment, sludge and residue treatment, heavy metal removal, material agents, water reuse, membrane and membrane components, oil-water separation equipment, centrifuge, filter press, aerator, seawater desalination and other water treatment equipment;Water supply and drainage and pump valves, sewage system, sponge city technical equipment, river and lake and black and smelly water treatment and ecological restoration, rainwater collection and utilization, flood prevention and control, process control and automation, etc.;
  • 2. Air treatment exhibition area: industrial dust/dust/waste gas recovery and treatment, dust treatment, flue gas dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, lampblack purification, VOCs treatment, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal and cleaning, dust collection equipment/bag (electric) dust removal, etc.;Air purification and cleaning, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, photocatalyst/activated carbon, oil and gas recovery, vehicle exhaust purification, etc.;
  • 3. Solid waste treatment exhibition area: garbage collection and transportation, garbage treatment and recycling, detection/monitoring technology and products;Waste recycling and power generation/biomass energy, hazardous waste treatment equipment, waste material recycling and utilization, agricultural waste treatment;Urban road cleaning/maintenance and smart sanitation, occupational safety and accident prevention, environmental emergency equipment, etc.;
  • 4. Environmental monitoring exhibition area: measurement/analysis/control technology of water, atmosphere, and soil, online detection, and control, radioactivity, noise, vibration, light, and heat monitoring system; Environmental pollution emergency monitoring system, laboratory instruments, and equipment;
  • 5. Soil remediation exhibition area: site investigation and evaluation/remediation technical equipment/engineering operation and management/remediation process monitoring and service, etc.;
  • 6. Comprehensive environmental treatment and other exhibition areas: air/water/solid waste/soil and other urban and rural environmental treatment engineering technology and equipment; Engineering companies, industrial parks, scientific research institutions, environmental management/assessment, environmental services, etc.

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