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Guangdong City Gas Intelligent Application Technology Exhibition

From June 18, 2020 until June 20, 2020
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Guangdong City Gas Intelligent Application Technology Exhibition

"Gas" fusion of interconnected wisdom, sponsored by the association of guangdong province gas application technology exhibition, international city gas intelligence will be held in guangzhou, the organizing committee held "2018 city gas peak BBS" wisdom, will be invited to guangzhou gas group co., LTD., shenzhen gas group co., LTD., foshan gas group co., LTD., Hong Kong investment co., LTD., huizhou gas group co., LTD., nanhai gas group co., LTD., guangdong natural gas pipeline network company, the vibration of Dijon energy co., LTD., guangdong province, the new energy holdings co., LTD., such as gas group leadership to attend;To provide the latest international management information and new technology, and to attract domestic and foreign gas production and business units to participate.Gas Internet + intelligent Gas management system will bring new opportunities for the promotion of Gas enterprises and the exploration of new markets.It will summarize and popularize the advanced experience and research results in the field of smart energy gas at home and abroad through the activities of supply and demand docking, new products promotion, product display, academic discussion, and so on, in order to further encourage and promote the application of new technology, new technology, new materials and new equipment in the field of gas.

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Many domestic and foreign gas production and management units are involved, many new products are very useful

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