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(Due to the COVID-19, the following information may be out of date. Please confirm the details and dates with Canton Fair organizer, contacts on the event pages)

The 127th China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) was held online from June 15-24 for a period of 10 days(for more details). There is not any news about the 128th Canton Fair yet. The following information is for the normal Canton Fair only.

  • It's going to be Spring session and Autumn session of Canton Fair, 2 sessions each year.
  • There are 3 phases at each of these sessions that show different products.  
  • Phase 1 shows electrical and electronic products, building materials, industrial products...
  • Phase 2 shows products as household items, ceramics, consumer goods, home decorations, gifts, toys, cosmetics, and furniture...
  • Phase 3 shows clothing, footwear, bags, and food, medicine... 

Canton Fair dates and times



Date time

Spring Session

Phase 1

15th-19th April, 9:30-18:00

Phase 2

23rd-27th April, 9:30-18:00

Phase 3

1st -5th May, 9:30-18:00

Autumn Session

Phase 1

15th-19th Oct., 9:30-18:00

Phase 2

23rd-27th Oct., 9:30-18:00

Phase 3

31st Oct. -4th Nov., 9:30-18:00

(Saturday and Sunday are held as usual)


Dates for the Canton Fair 2020

The 128th Canton Fair Autumn 2020 Dates

Dates for the Canton Fair 2021

The 129th Canton Fair Spring 2021 Dates

The 130th Canton Fair Autumn 2021 Dates

  • Phase 1: 15th-19th October 2021 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 2: 23rd-27th October 2021 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 3: 31st Oct.-4th Nov. 2021 9:30-18:00

Dates for the Canton Fair 2022

The 131st Canton Fair Spring 202 Dates

  • Phase 1: 15th-19th April 2022 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 2: 23rd-27th April 2022 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 3: 1st May.-5th May. 2022 9:30-18:00

The 132nd Canton Fair Autumn 2022 Dates

  • Phase 1: 15th-19th October 2022 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 2: 23rd-27th October 2022 9:30-18:00
  • Phase 3: 31st Oct.-4th Nov. 2022 9:30-18:00


Here are registration Offices set up in appointed hotels to get the Canton Fair buyer card(badge). Book a hotel near these hotels or near Canton Fair also easy to get the buyer badge in these appointed hotels.


5-star Hotels

1. Dong Fang Hotel, 2. Baiyun Hotel, 3. Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou, 4. Grand International Hotel, 5. Crowne Plaza Foshan, 6. The Royal Mediterranean Hotel, 7. The Westin Guangzhou, 8. Phoenix City Hotel 9. Guangzhou, 10. Regal Palace Hotel(Dongguan), 11. The Westin Pazhou, 12. Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou, 13. Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre, 13. Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe, 15. Asia International Hotel, 16. Four Points by Sheraton Dongpu-Guangzhou, 17. Pullman Baiyun Airport Hotel, 18. Sofitel Foshan Hotel, 19. Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou, 20. Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich, 21. Hotel Landmark Canton

4-star Hotels

22. Star Hotel, 23. Rosedale Hotel Guangzhou,  24. Panyu Hotel,  25. Guangzhou Ocean Hotel, 26. Ramada Plaza Guangzhou, 27. Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou, 28. China Mayors Plaza


Registration time of these hotels:
Phase I
Apr. /Oct.14-15, 8:30-20:00
Apr. /Oct. 16-17, 8:30-18:00
Phase II
Apr. /Oct.22-23, 8:30-18:00
Apr. /Oct.24, 8:30-18:00
Phase III
In Spring: Apr. 30-May 1, 8:30-18:00; May 2, 8:30-14:00
In Autumn: Oct. 30-31, 8:30-18:00; Nov.1, 8:30-14:00


We suggest the top 8 registration hotels that we believe better:

  1. Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou is the favorite hotel for the Canton Fair visitors.
  2. The Westin Pazhou is inside Canton Fair and run by Canton Fair. 
  3. Pullman Baiyun Airport gets the Canton Fair badge when you arrive at the Airport. 
  4. Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou is the newest 5-star hotel near Canton Fair. 
  5. Four Points by Sheraton Dongpu is the lowest price 5-star hotel near Canton Fair. 
  6. The Westin Guangzhou is the best for Hong Kong - Guangzhou Train visitor. 
  7. The Royal Mediterranean Hotel is a good price and high way easy to Canton Fair. 
  8. Hotel Landmark Canton, all wholesales market around us.

 ...and all hotels around Canton Fair.


Suggestions by the purpose:


I am staying at a hotel that is not on your 'Hotel Registration' list. Can I go to a registration hotel and still register for the Canton Fair?

Transportation to the Canton Fair?

Can I just register at the hotel when I arrive?  


1. When to Register

Canton Fair has held two sessions a year; one is in Spring, the other in Autumn. And every session is separated into 3 phases.

     Phase I 
           Apr./Oct.14, 10:30-18:00
            Apr./Oct. 15-18,  8:30-18:00
            Apr. /Oct.19,  8:30-16:00
     Phase II
           Apr./Oct. 23-26,  8:30-18:00 
           Apr. /Oct.27,  8:30-16:00
     Phase III
           In Spring: May 1-4, 8:30-18:00 ;  May 5, 8:30-14:00
           In Autumn: Oct. 31-Nov.3, 8:30-18:00 ;  Nov. 4, 8:30-14:00


2. Where to Register

Four Overseas Buyers' Registration Offices set up in China Import and Export Fair Complex

3. Registration Notice

Buyers Categories

Documents Requested

Registration Venues


Local Representatives of Overseas Buyers

a. An Invitation from the Fair;

b. Second Generation ID Card & copy ;

c. Copy of Business Registration Certificate of Foreign Company's Representative Office in China;

d. Employment Certificate of Representative Office in China & copy;
e. A Most Recent Passport Photo
f. Business Card

Registration Office in China Import and Export Fair Complex

l  Service Fee:

1.Representatives with the invitation: free of charge;

2. For representatives without invitation, 300 RMB/day plus another 50 RMB/card must be paid. In addition, you need to, either present all the requested documents in the left column except the invitation, or only present the Second Generation ID Card & copy, and are accompanied and signature-confirmed by an overseas buyer.

l During each phase, only TWO representatives or interpreters are allowed entrance for each overseas buyer.