Trade Shows in China

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On Feb 21, the Ministry of Commerce held Online Policy Briefing on Keeping Foreign Trade and Investment Stable and Boosting Consumption. Answering a journalist's question of “whether the spring Canton Fair will be postponed or canceled”, Li Xingqian, Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce said that currently the preparations of the 127th Canton Fair are carried out steadily according to the plan.

Canton Fair Facebook said:  “After the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus, and by the direction of the PRC’s Ministry of Commerce, the China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC) rapidly activated response mechanisms to prevent the spread of the epidemic. To protect the health of their employees and customers, we implemented the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures possible. The CFTC has a team of experienced professional workers. Facing the challenges of the epidemic, we have built strong defense: strict management, intelligent prevention and control, efficient detection and comprehensive disinfection. With more than 60 years of professional services and exhibition experience, we provide the safest exhibition halls. We are always ready to welcome you when the battle against the epidemic is over.”