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cantonfair.net网站,CantonShare Business Service Co.LTD(CBS)成立于2005年。14年来一直服务于广交会来宾,累积服务超过30000名外国来宾。得益于良好的付费推广(累积已经超过35万美元)和搜索引擎优化(各大展会谷歌搜索靠前,广交会排名第一)。网站流量大,浏览人群质量高,如同广交会一样,顾客遍及各个行业。淡季日均流量3000独立IP,旺季是10倍以上。每日都会收到大量的参展询问,展位询问,商旅咨询等等。

The cantonfair.net website was founded in 2005. For 14 years, it has served the guests of the Canton Fair and has accumulated more than 30,000 foreign guests. Thanks to good at paid promotion (accumulated more than $350,000) and search engine optimization (Google search in the major China exhibitions and Canton Fair ranked good). The website has a large traffic volume and the browsing quality is high. Like the Canton Fair, customers are spread across various industries. The average daily flow in the off-season is 3000 independent IP, and the peak season is more than 3 times. Every day, we will receive a large number of exhibiting inquiries, booth inquiries, business travel consultation and so on.
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现推出展会广告推广推荐展会。本网站流量都来自各行各也的真实卖家。广告推广可以用Google Ads来投放,自选展示位置,展示位置可以是某个网站或网站上的某个页面、甚至是具体的广告单元。。我们的客服可以帮助您设置广告,只投放我们网站,不浪费钱在其他无用网站。也可以自由商定广告位。推荐展会将贵展会纳入featured exhibitions,得到更多的展示和搜索。赶快联系我们,助力您的展会来人旺成交更旺!我们曾经的广告主有:香港贸发局

The exhibition advertising promotion and featured exhibition are now launched. The traffic to this website comes from real buyer and exhibitor.  Advertising promotion can be served with Google Ads, which is paid by Google for precise delivery. Google AdsManaged placements - A targeting method you can use to specifically choose websites where you'd like to show your ads. Our customer service can help you set up your ads in minutes and only serve our website without wasting money on other useless websites. You can also customize the ad slot. The featured exhibitions will get more impressions and searches. Contact us quickly to help your event come to a better time! Former Ad customer: HKTDC

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We can represent your booth and improve the exhibitor's grade by bringing exhibitor all over the world.