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The 122nd Canton Fair 2017 Autumn Guangzhou


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    The 19th Guangzhou Hotel Equipments & Supplies Exhibition

    The 19th Guangzhou Hotel Equipments & Supplies Exhibition

    From December 10, 2012 09:00 until December 12, 2012 18:00 Save to calendar

    At China Import and Export Complex No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

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    Hosted by: Guangdong Foxing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

    Kitchen Equipment
    Kitchen stove and facility, oven, storage, refrigeration & heating equipment, bakery & confectionery equipment and facility, packaging equipment & supplies, beverage processing, ice makers, commercial refrigerators, cake showcases, large-scale coolers and freezers, cooking & processing equipment, facility, and tools, food service & catering equipment, banquet service equipment, barbeque machines, beer brewing equipment, dispensing equipment, beverage/coffee servers, blenders, breading machines, broilers, charcoal, broilers, conveyor, broilers, ice cream supplies & machines, freezing beverage (ice cream), ice cream displays.

    Furniture and Furnishings
    Bedroom furniture, lobby & dining-room furniture, hotel & restaurant furniture and accessories, multifunctional stages, hotel lighting furnishings

    Dishwashers, tableware & accessories, porcelain and glass products, display cases, metalwork& stainless steel, chinaware, glass ware, crystalline ware, artificial food models, plates, fans, electric & ventilating, bar equipment, mini bars

    Bedroom Supplies
    Electric hair dryers, semi-conductor refrigeration, electric water kettles, personal scales, amenities, hotel TV, hotel VOD, POS machines, telephones, telephone exchange, interphone, floor and wall coverings, mirrors, bathroom equipment and facilities,

    Cleaning and Landry Equipment
    Cleaning machines for vast areas wet / dry, floor cleaners & sweepers, carpet-washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum wet cleaners / dry, dirt absorbing mats, hand-operated instruments for cleaning, cleaning detergents & chemicals, cleaning contractors, chemical and degreasing equipment, Air and water purification equipment, central vacuum cleaner installations, controlled environment cleaning, wash collection and utilization, outdoor cleaning equipment, high pressure cleaners, dry-cleaning machines, washers and wringers, ironing equipment, laundry equipment, steam generators, chemical agents for dry-cleaners and laundries cooling and recycling water systems for dry-cleaning

    Textiles and Uniforms
    Hotel & restaurant uniforms, apparel fabrics, upholstery fabrics, curtains, carpets and rugs, bed linen and textile packaging and table cloth, towels bed clothes series, hotel uniforms, curtains and textiles

    Coffee, Tea and Food
    Bar & coffee equipment & supplies, beer & ale, beverages, coffee, fruit juices, liquors, mixes, cocktails, tea, mineral water, wines, coffee display bins & shop fixtures, coffee or retail miscellaneous, coffee or tea filters & accessories, coffee roasters, contract packaging / private label, cup/service ware distributors, cup/service ware manufacturers, espresso accessories, espresso brewing equipment, home coffee roasters, roasting equipment, siphon coffee makers, soluble & freeze-dried supplier, specialty tin boxes, tea exporters/traders, tea packers, teabag making supplies/ paper & thread

    Hotel Technology
    Property management systems (PMS), point of sale systems (POS), internet applications, food & beverage management systems, security & safety systems, fire protection systems , first aid equipment & supplies, telecommunications, in-room systems, payroll systems, accounting software, broadband access, reservation systems, energy & building management systems, computer hardware systems, lockers, smart network TV, hotel/restaurant/catering managing software, bedroom control system software

    Bakery Products
    Meat 、Poultry、Dairy Products、Seafood、Confectionery 、 Sweets 、 Chocolates、Frozen & Chilled Foods、Canned & Processed Foods、Snack Food、Health Food、Beverage - non-alcoholic、Private Label、Snack Food、Fresh Produce、Ingredients 、 Essences 、 Agents

    Wines、Champagne、Port 、 Sherry、Spirits、Liqueurs 、 Cocktails、Beer 、 Lager 、 Cider

    Bakery 、 Confectionery - Finished Products、Retail Bakery 、 Confectionery Equipment、Industrial Bakery 、 Confectionery Equipment、Ingredients 、 Essences 、 Agents、Packaging Equipment 、 Supplies、Shopfittings 、 Display 、 Retail Supplies

    2012-12-10 09:00:00
    2012-12-12 18:00:00

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