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The 122nd Canton Fair 2017 Autumn Guangzhou


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    The third China Guangzhou international low carbon products Exand Technology hibition

     The third China Guangzhou international low carbon products Exand Technology hibition

    From September 25, 2012 09:30 until September 28, 2012 17:30 Save to calendar

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    The 3rd China Guangzhou International Low Carbon Products and Technologies Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center from September 25 to 27, 2012. To achieve the objective of energy conservation and emission reduction, China has to accelerate industrial restructuring, develop and apply energy saving technique and renewable energy. This will not only bring direct business opportunities to enterprises involved in energy saving and new energy sectors, but also provide numerous investment opportunities for enterprises in other trades. CCPIT is ready to enter into close co-operation with all our partners to enhance the development of low carbon economy, and further the exchanges and cooperation for enterprises both home and abroad. We sincerely invite you to join us in this grand event, together to protect this shared earth of ours.

    Exhibition Range
    Smart City Fair Guangzhou:
    Smart Transport Area: smart traffic system, Internet of vehicles,
    advanced traffic information service, etc.
    Smart Water Supply Area: water pipeline detection system, remote
    monitoring system for tap water pump room, smart water pipeline, etc.
    Smart EP Area: urban environment information system, smart energy
    efficiency solution, automatic urban air quality monitoring system, etc.
    Smart Life Area: smart building system, digital community service
    system, integrated wiring technology, smart fixtures --- system design
    security and protection technology, automatic control technology,
    audio and video technology, etc.
    Green Building Area:
    Building Thermal Insulation System: exterior wall and various thermal
    insulation system and materials, construction machinery, etc;
    Energy-Saving Door/Window Curtain Wall: various laminated glass,
    insulating glass, vacuum glass, LOW-E glass, hollow glass, energy-saving
    profile and energy-saving door/window curtain wall product, light
    weight partition laths, etc;
    Solar Energy and Renewable Energy: solar energy optical application
    and heating technology, solar energy and building integration
    technology, geothermal heat pump, wind energy heating and cooling
    Water-Saving Products and Technologies: water-saving faucet, toilet,
    bathroom equipment, wastewater recycling technology;
    Roofing System: rooftop and roofing water-proofing material, roof
    landscaping and thermal insulation, thermal insulation coating;
    ventilation equipment and technology, roof garden, etc;
    Structural Materials: wood structure, light-gage steel structure and other
    eco-friendly auxiliary materials, aluminum alloy exterior rolling sunshade
    and other new external sun-shading equipment;
    Power-Saving Products and Technologies: low-energy consumption
    air-conditioner, smart energy-saving electric appliance, smart building
    control system, building lighting energy-saving product and solution;
    Energy-Saving Building & Green Project Demonstration: public building
    demonstration projects, green real estate development projects, energysaving
    demonstration residential area, smart building general design,
    old neighborhood renovation projects recommended by various cities in
    Low-Carbon Production Exhibition Area:
    Energy-saving product application, traditional industry upgrade solution,
    electronic information technology application, inverter technology
    application, industrial furnace reconstruction, carbon capture and
    carbon sequestration technology, internet, sewage treatment
    technology, seawater desalination, membrane separation technique,
    industrial flue gas purification and air suction, noise and vibration
    reduction, old industrial zone cleaning and soil treatment;
    New Energy and Material Exhibition Area:
    Solar PV power generation product and technology, solar thermal
    application product and technology, wind generator set and
    accessories, biomass energy and fuel, urban waste incinerationgeneration
    technology, heat pump technology, tidal energy related
    technology, new energy project development;
    Sustainable Transport Exhibition Area:
    Electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, application of alternative composite
    material for automobile, accumulator technology and energy storage
    solution, urban public bicycle system, urban intelligent transport control,
    urban street lighting equipment and system;
    Carbon Management and Service Exhibition Area:
    Carbon asset management, carbon certification, CDM project
    development and consulting, green finance and low-carbon financing;

    Hosted/Oraganized by
    China Councl for the Promotion of Integernational Trade       
    CCPIT Guangzhou
    Economic Information Department of CCPIT

    2012-09-25 09:30:00
    2012-09-28 17:30:00

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